• Works directly within QuickBooks® not outside like most integrations
• Allows merchants to pay invoices
• Generates sales receipts
• Processes batch transactions
• Generate batch Reports
• Allows multiple payments against open invoices
• Supports card present transactions
• Supports end-to-end encryption
• Multi-Currency Support
• Compatible with QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier and QuickBooks® Enterprise

SyncPay™ for QuickBooks®

Sync Customer Transactions with QuickBooks
QuickBooks is an Intuit® financial management system for small and medium-sized businesses. The Planetauthorize SyncPay for QuickBook SyncPay Plug-In for QuickBooks provides support for payment processing from directly within QuickBooks Pro™, QuickBooks Premier™ and QuickBooks Enterprise™.

Skip the double entries and let QuickBooks® SyncPay handle your merchants’ transactions from start to finish. From processing the transaction to creating the appropriate accounting entry to marking the transaction as paid, QuickBooks SyncPay handles it all for them from right within their QuickBooks environment.
SyncPay™ for QuickBooks®
QuickBooks® SyncPay allows merchants to pay invoices, generate sales receipts, process batch transactions, and view batch reports without ever leaving QuickBooks. Additionally, merchants can process multiple payments against open invoices at the touch of a button. QuickBooks® SyncPay also includes support for processing card present swiped transactions after attaching an approved card reader.
To Get Started
Merchant must have an active Planetauthorize.Net account to use SyncPay™ for QuickBooks®. To get started with a Planetauhtorize account simply complete and return our Merchant Account (US Merchant, Canadian Merchant, UK Merchants, EU Merchant, International Merchant, High Risk Merchant) application. If you already have a merchant account simply complete and return our Payment Gateway Setup form. For more information Contact Us.