• Retail Point of Sale
• Hardware Store
• Lumber Yard
• Convenience Store
• Grocery Store
• Gas Station
• Pet Store
• Liquor Stores
• General Merchandise Stores

• Supports Genius Customer Engagement Platform
• Platform: Windows
• Features: EMV | MX925 Compatible | Gift | Line Item Display | Cash Back | Signature Capture | Text Rewards

J3 Point of SaleJ3 Point of Sale

Managing Your Retail Inventory
Our founder's family was in the hardware business for over 100 years. We understand what the big box stores are completely missing. At the end of the day the hardware business is about service: Stepping out on the floor and helping your customer. J3 Point of Sale

So, we won't interfere with you running your business. Instead, we'll reduce your daily busy-work. You know, the tedious stuff that keeps you from doing what it is you do best. We'll give you more time to step out and do what got you into this business: helping your customers succeed. Oh yes, and we'll also help you increase profits while we're at it.
J3 Point of Sale Software is an inventory management system designed for retail hardware stores, lumber yards, pet stores, liquor stores, general merchandise stores or other similar businesses.
Most point of sale solutions in the marketplace have marginal accounting features, so we work with QuickBooks Pro accounting software. We have affordable support and maintenance fees which includes all software upgrades. Our point-of-sale software is easy to learn and operate.

• Affordable solution works in any store, independent POS
• Includes custom content that's easily updated on any TV
• Supports & displays J3 Point of Sale pricing data
• Works at checkout or with smaller TV's on end caps
• Displays different data at different times of the day
• Sell ad space promoting local businessness and services
• Offsets the cost of the digital signage and generates revenue!
• Supports the Genius Customer Engagement Platform
• Updates content via WiFi and Keeps running with Internet Down

To Get Started
To get started simply complete and return our Merchant Account (US Merchant, Canadian Merchant, UK Merchants, EU Merchant, International Merchant, High Risk Merchant) application. If you already have a merchant account simply complete and return our Payment Gateway Setup form. For more information Contact Us.