• Retail POS Software
• Online Payment Integration
• Online Sales Reporting
• Mobile Add-on
• Barcode Scanner Support
• Retail Printer Support
SyncPay for QuickBooks Integration
e-Invoice Manager Integration
• Multi-Lingual Support
• Multi-Currency Support
• Supports EMV Encrypted Card Reader
• Inventory Management

Openbravo POS

Retail POS Software in the Cloud
Open new stores faster and start processing sales in a matter of minutes, even with new employees. Empower your openbravo pos store staff with full point of sale functionality from a mobile device, which only requires a browser and can be used with different terminal sizes thanks to the adaptive design concept.

Leverage its multi-language and locale formats support (date, number) for your international store operations.. Openbravo POS supports Retail Stores, Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, Hospitality and any other venue where you have a need to accept credit cards. From an Amusement Park to Zoo Gift Shop. Hook-up Openbravo POS to a Barcode Scanner (Weighing Scales supported too) and you’re good to go. Run stand-alone through to a multi-terminal, multi-warehouse, multi-location installation. Oh, nearly forgot… it’s multi-lingual too. Add the Planetauthorize payment gateway for payment processing and you also have multi-currency features.
Scan, Browse and Search
Rapidly add products to the ticket in different ways: scan a product barcode, browse your retail product categories or search by text or by product characteristics. With product characteristics, you will be able to rapidly navigate through your catalog and assist customers to find those products that better match their preferences.
Customer Management
Manage both anonymous and named transactions and create/maintain new customers associated with a ticket at the mobile point of sale.
Ticket Management
Comprehensive functionality including the capability to work simultaneously with multiple tickets (park a ticket and recover it later), associate a ticket to a customer, associate a ticket to a sales associate, add ticket information or line information, or print and re-print already processed tickets. Define printed ticket formats that can be assigned to each store.
Layaway is an agreement in which the retailer reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item. At point of sale you will be able to create a layaway and manage the corresponding payments.
Seamless integration with Planetauthorize
Openbravo POS is proven to be a reliable alternative to expensive POS software. Merchants can save time and money by deploying Openbravo POS with the Planetauthorize.Net payment gateway. Reduce costs and improve productivity using the Openbravo POS & Planetauthorize Payment Gateway bundle.
Take Openbravo POS for a Test Drive
Download Openbravo POS

Test transactions can be submitted with the following information:

Visa: 4111111111111111
MasterCard: 5431111111111111
Discover Card: 6011601160116611
American Express: 341111111111111
Credit Card Expiration: 10/20 (or any future date)
account (ACH): 123123123
routing (ACH): 123123123
Amount > 1.00
Payment Gateway: Planetauthorize
Username: unicenta
Password: unicenta01
To Get Started
To get started simply complete and return our Merchant Account (US Merchant, Canadian Merchant, UK Merchants, EU Merchant, International Merchant, High Risk Merchant) application. If you already have a merchant account simply complete and return our Payment Gateway Setup form. For more information Contact Us.